Priddy Ugly – Alter Ego

“Like Slick Rick the Ruler I’m cooler than a ice brick, got soul like those afro picks, with the black fist, and leave a crowd dripping like John the Baptist,” this is what comes to my mind when I hear any piece of work from Priddy Ugly.

Laced with rhymes that capture the soul like a kid stuck in quicksand made out of cotton candy, Priddy Ugly’ eloquence flows like droppings of sweet poppy syrup. In his latest offering, we finally get to meet the other side of Priddy Ugly. We get to meet the rapper that has your favourite favourites rapper shook to the core, breathless and only left with exclamations to use every time he discusses Priddy Ugly.

I can’t say much, all I can say is Vvrrrr!


Producer: Mohau Mamafha
Director: Armsdeal
1st AD: Sibusiso Twala
VFX Artist: Tshepo Selematsela

Production Company: Cidefx Films
VFX Company: DTZ Studios

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