NIKE Turns Zoo Lake Into City of Gold’s Number 1 Basketball Spot

As part of Nike’s commitment to developing the sport of basketball and inspiring future athletes in South Africa, the brand has rejuvenated one of the country’s original B’balling battle grounds– the Zoo Lake basketball courts. For the first time in Africa, Nike has turned iconic local courts into a magnificent artwork, echoing projects such as the Nike Hyper Court campaign in Manila.

For this project, Nike collaborated with two talented local artists in Faatimah Mohamed-Luke and Karabo Moletsane to create the new design of the Zoo Lake basketball courts. Combining elements from their own signature styles, the design is inspired by the concrete jungle of the Joburg city and brings a distinctly and proudly African narrative to the game.

Karabo designed two animals in battle, namely the crocodile (emerging from the lake) and the cheetah (emerging from the grasslands or the zoo). The crocodile is a symbol of resilience and adaption, since it lives in the water, breathes air, and has been around for centuries, while the cheetah symbolises speed and prowess as the fastest land mammal.

The animals are overlaid by geometric shapes designed by Faatimah which are inspired by natural elements. For instance the urban jungle is represented by a single icon – T – which is created by the crown and trunk of a tree. Through repetition, these shapes creates patterns and rhythms.




Distributed by: FleishmanHillard South Africa

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