PUMA and Adriana Lima Bring the Heat with LQD CELL Shatter

Global Sports company PUMA brings its LQD CELL technology to its newest women’s training silhouette – the LQD CELL Shatter. Designed for the bold female athlete, this provocative shoe brings the heat with its unique midsole shape, its stable cushioning, alternative colours and materials. With kicks like these it’s no wonder Adriana Lima is shattering through every stereotype in the gym, the streets, and everywhere in between.

LQD CELL is an extremely versatile technology. Depending on the product’s needs, it is mixed with PUMA’s proprietary energy-returning foams in different regions of the foot, allowing LQD CELL to work in different ways, and offering various benefits to the athlete. How does it work? The soft yet sturdy hexagonal cells compress and work together with PUMA’s foams to keep you steady while working out. Consumers will experience heightened stability and comfort needed from start to finish for any kick-ass workout.

With LQD CELL, stable cushioning technology and energetic design refuse to stay quiet. So don’t stay quiet. Stay loud. Stay true. And shatter every stereotype and every glass ceiling that comes your way.

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